Explore this interactive map of home values in Hartford County, Connecticut from 1910 to 2010. The most valuable single-family homes (in dark green) shifted from the capital city to selected suburbs over time. Home values have been indexed (where county average = 1.0) to adjust for rising prices over time. Missing values appear in gray. Sources: 1910-1980 from Connecticut Tax Commissioner, author's calculation of average dwelling value from equalized assessments; 1990 from Capital Region Council of Governments, median single-family home sales price; 2000-10 from State of Connecticut, Office of Policy and Management, average single-family home sales price (2000-2010). Map developed by Ilya Ilyankou and Jack Dougherty, based on an earlier version with UConn MAGIC. See historical sources and code on GitHub. Learn more at OnTheLine.trincoll.edu.