This interactive map of property development in suburban West Hartford shows two key periods of activity. The 1920s construction boom on the east side and town center filled up 15 percent of all parcels available today, and 1950s growth on the north, west, and south sides filled up 31 percent of all parcels. Also, the total land area of developed property increased from the 1920s (6 percent of all available acres) to the 1950s (24 percent of all available acres), when parcel sizes grew larger. By the late 1960s, the town was almost entirely built out. Source: Property assessment data provided by the Town of West Hartford and AppGeo, only for properties that currently exist. Also, "year built" means the most recent year of construction recorded, which is missing for about 3 percent of nearly 20,000 parcels. Map developed by Jack Dougherty (Trinity College CT) and Ilya Ilyankou (Picturedigits). View data and code on GitHub. Learn more at