When West Hartford became the first Connecticut municipality to enact zoning in 1924, leaders followed Robert Harvey Whitten's recommendation to divide the town into five residential zones (A to E), shown here in dark-to-light shades of green overlaid on the original black-and-white map for clarity. Zone A required at least 9,000 square feet of property per family, and was intended for more expensive single-family homes, while making multi-family housing "uneconomic" to build there. Over 80 percent of the town's land -- and nearly all of its undeveloped land -- was assigned to zones A and B to ensure the dominance of single-family housing across the suburb. Follow zoning maps over time by changing the background layers. Map developed by Jack Dougherty (Trinity College CT) and Ilya Ilyankou (Picturedigits), with MAGIC UConn Libraries. View historical sources and code on GitHub. Learn more at OnTheLine.trincoll.edu.